The Oils in the Oils Monster 

  So, for someone who calls them self the “oils monster” I haven’t spoken very much about these oils. 

This isn’t going to get preachy. I promise. Just follow me here. 

When I had first heard about these weird essential oils, I was mildly interested at the very most. I didn’t quite understand what they were or what I would even need them for.  The only oils I’d had any experience with were synthetic perfume quality oils. And yeah, I appreciated a good patchouli or sandalwood (because let’s face it, I’m a hippy at heart) but again, I didn’t really understand. I don’t know that I cared to, either. 

So fast forward just a tiny bit. When Pixie was born, I embraced my inner hippie harder than ever and decided since I was slightly more confident in my mothering abilities, I was going to do what felt right to me and not worry about the excessive eye rolling. I didn’t birth her in a cave or anything crazy. Don’t worry. But I did decide to handle my role as a mother a little differently than I had with Slugger. This meant baby wearing, extended breast feeding, cloth diapering… All that crazy. Now doing this opened my world to a different group of women with ideas and mom hacks that blew my mind. Here I was introduced to the voodoo magic that is coconut oil. And here’s where I started to peer into the mouth of the rabbit hole. 

So fast forward more. My enabler bestie and I started talking about these essential oils and maybe giving them a try. We’d heard good things. All over the place. In fact, it seemed like we were stumbling on essential oil references all over the “mom” community. We discussed the many options out there and both agreed on Young Living, for many reasons. 

So she took the plunge. 

And true to our fashion, about a month later, so did I. 

Now let me clarify. I was excited by her excitement. We are generally the same person so I knew if she was using these and enjoying them, I probably would too. I figured if absolutely nothing else they would smell good. I like things that smell good. Win. 

So, there I was, opening this huge box containing things I barely understood.  (Because why just buy one bottle?) I remember thinking there was no way I would use all of this. Eleven bottles of oils?  Some of them didn’t even smell good to me. I tried to tuck away my pessimistic side and roll with the punches. 

It wasn’t instant love. At least I don’t think it was. It was more determination.  I wanted nothing more than to find out whether or not these oils were worth the hype.  I thought I saw results. And second guessed myself. Because the things they were doing for my family and I seriously sounded too good to be true anytime I tried to share my experiences with anyone. I didn’t want to be that person spouting ridiculous claims. I didn’t want to sound like a sales person. 

We’ve reached a point now where it’s all I can do not to explode with crazy passion and scream “You have to try these!” at every person I see. I’m holding it in. Just know this friends and family, if I could slather you all in oils freely, I would. 

This all brings me to my point, I hope to include some more posts about our oils and how we’re using them. I solemnly swear not to sugar coat or oversell. For instance, one of my favorites blends, DiGize, smells horrendous. Awful. But I use it nearly everyday because of how well it works for me. I hate the smell a little less, but not enough to tell you it smells good. 

Cross my heart I’ll be honest and open and do my best to shed some light where I can. Keep your eyes peeled. 

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