A Formal Apology for My Neglect. 

Well. Not exactly formal. But an apology all the same. 

I don’t know what happened here. Life got in the way and I simply haven’t had the chance to update anything here on this poor forgotten blog. BUT FEAR NOT!  There are posts in the plans that I am currently working on as we speak and I hope to have them up shortly. Or by the end of the week. You’ll get one. You know, don’t want to overwhelm you. 
So what has been happening here?  The usual. Trying to maintain my sanity, understand tiny people with complex emotions, keeping humans alive.  And then throw in a holiday or two. No big. 

 I will cover all the good stuff in detail for you later. Like how I’ve been replacing products in my house like a crazy person.  And how I stopped using shampoo. (It’s not as gross as you think. I promise.) And maybe the most exciting/scariest of all, how we decided to take Slugger off his ADHD meds. 

So stay tuned friends. I haven’t forgotten you. I’ll be more diligent going forward. I promise. I hope. I’ll try. You got it, right?

Wish me luck. 

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