Hair We Go 

I thought it would be fun to showcase a serious lack of ability I have.  Dealing with hair.  I’m awful.  I’m the person who can French braid my own hair, but heaven forbid you ask me to recreate it on some one else’s head.  I just cannot.  

Pixie has always been a very strong willed child when it comes to her sense of fashion, and I’m not surprised this included her hair as well.  She will dictate exactly what she wants done (or not done) to her hair.  Typically we get a lot of “I need Elsa hair today.”  So I thought it would be fun to switch it up.  

Pixie and I sat down and started looking through some hair styles, because I knew damn well I wasn’t touching her head with out her pre approving the hairstyle we were attempting.  So today, she picked the infamous Lady Gaga hair bow.  Seems simple enough, right?

I found a pretty simple tutorial here: 

Pixie should just live there.  

But anyway, this is what we started out with:

Pardon my depressing back drop and lack of natural light, but it’s about 18 degrees out and we weren’t taking this show outside.  So as you can see, I wet Pixie’s hair a little before we started.  This is usually necessary anyway, because she has the curliest, wispiest, baby hair.  It’s beautiful when it’s down and allowed to dry naturally.  I would kill for her hair.  Except for the fact that it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get up.  It just flies everywhere.  

So before I reveal our attempt, I should clarify that I really took about 10 minutes on this.  Maybe I could have done better given more time, but find a four year old, start messing with their hair and see how happy they are after a few minutes.  Spoiler alert:  they don’t like it.  

Also, I’m sure hair spray would help tremendously, but seeing as I don’t own any (like, this just shows, I DON’T do hair) we had to wing it.  

Alright.  The unveiling.

Tada!  It kind of resembels a bow?  Enough so that Pixie was happy with it.  I wish I could have gotten it higher on her head, but trying to see what I was doing and asking her repeatedly to stop moving her head may have prevented that.  Maybe.  

All in all, I think this was fairly easy would probably look great with a little effort thrown in.  Also curly hair isn’t your friend here.  When it came to bringing the ends over the bow to “tie” it, those little hairs just didn’t want to be tamed.  

She likes it and she’s happy.  So that’s what matters right?  

Tune in next time to see how badly I can screw it up again.  Well not this hair do.  A different one.  You get it.  

Hair we go!