Exciting Announcement!

So, I was originally going to work on graphics for a different post today, but seeing as I can’t find my bobby pins (be worried) and Young Living made an awesome announcement today, plans changed.  

I’m going to keep this short and sweet.  Young Living announced a new product line today called the “Vitality” line.  

Now why is this exciting?  

This line is strictly dietary oils.  Same quality oils with a different, easy to distinguish label.  No more guessing as to whether or not an oil is safe for consumption.  These are especially awesome for those new to oils.  Again, no guess work.  This makes oil use safer and more effective.  Granted, you should still practice safe usage.  Just because they are safe to ingest doesn’t mean you should abuse them.  Typically, a drop’ll do ya.  Which means these bottles last. 

These oils are being released, to the best of my knowledge, in 5ml bottles only.  This is great news.  Why?  Well this means you’re getting these oils at a super reasonable price point.  Frankincense.  IN A 5ML BOTTLE.  You don’t have to break the bank anymore.  I know I have been babying the Frank that came with my starter kit, because I knew it would be pricey to replace.  Not. Any. More. 

Also, 5ml bottles are a great “on the go size”.  Wants to flavor your water while running errands?  Just pop one of these in your purse or pocket and you are good to go.

Am I over the moon about this new line?  You betcha.