Welcome to my crazy life, friends.

So.  Nice to meet you.  I’m Krystal, and this is my blog.  I mean, obviously.  At this stage in the game, if you’re here, I probably invited you here, and if that’s the case, you probably already know me.  Which makes introducing myself pretty pointless and silly.
11667452_10206989365562852_8979902441834515410_nBut if by some crazy chance you’re here and don’t know me, that’s my mug up there.  No make up and all, wearing a small child on my back.  Because that’s how I roll.  I’m a stay at home mom of two crazy monsters.  For crazy anonymity, we are going to call them Slugger and Pixie.

Slugger is nine.  He’s into baseball (wow, you don’t say!), video games, and junk food.  He bounces between painfully shy and leader of the pack.  Depends on the day and his ever changing mood.  He also has ADHD with ODD.  We will touch on that another time.

Pixie is three, turning four in September.  She’s complex.  One moment, she’s in a tutu pouring tea and the next, she has her brother in a headlock.  Girl has grit.  She’s witty, funny, and sometimes deep.  Never a dull moment with that one.

Then there’s the hubs.  I’d give him a nickname, but I really feel like the hubs (or hubster, hubby, husband, spouse, that guy I married) pretty much covers it.  He’s hardworking, loyal to a fault at times, and quiet, but in that mysterious “I wonder what he’s thinking” kind of way.  And he’s darn good looking.

We also have two cats, two dogs, and two fish.  It’s like a mini Ark up in here.  They’re all adorable in their own goofy ways and I will post pictures of them randomly, because: animals.

I guess that leaves me.  I’m an outgoing introvert (no, really.  I swear.) who loves to read, sing, craft, put way more things in my various planners than most normal people, and covering my family in essential oils.  Which would make me The Oils Monster.

I promise to try and be entertaining and maybe a little insightful.  Maybe I’ll share something you didn’t already know.  Maybe I’ll bore you to tears.  Who knows.  I’m new at this blog thing, but any one who knows me is more than aware that I can talk about nothing for hours.  I’ll try to talk about something though.  No one  wants to read about nothing.  That’s just stupid.

So, join me.  Leave comments.  Let me know if you want to rip your eyes out from the boredom or whatever. It’s cool.  We’re friends now.

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